Todd Newcomer is a photographer, writer and traveler known for his ability to capture the beauty and authenticity of unique cultures, people and the natural environment they call home.  He began his professional career in 2001 as a photojournalist with the Durango Telegraph after graduating from the University of Colorado and The Rocky Mountain School of Photography. His artistic eye and his ability to creatively capture the present moment won him loyal fans throughout the Four Corners region.

As a passionate traveler and outdoor athlete, Todd has kayaked the Grand Canyon, trekked through the Himalayas, mountain biked through the Desert Southwest and rock climbed in Australia. Throughout his travels he has photographed the unique people, cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes of these fascinating destinations.  Todd is also passionate about protecting the people, places and natural environments of the locations he photographs.

A true music aficionado with absolutely no musical talent, Todd has photographed a multitude of venues and festivals capturing musicians such as The Decemberists, Leftover Salmon, Mason Jennings, Ozomatli, Trampled By Turtles and many more.  From jazz, to alt-country, to hip hop, Todd never misses an opportunity to capture a live show.

Having been profoundly impacted by his travels through Southeast Asia, predominantly Buddhist cultures, Todd embraces the power of compassion, meditation and mindfulness, which shows through in his relationships and his day-to-day work.

Todd’s photographs have appeared in Adventure Sports Magazine, Paddler Magazine, Durango Magazine, The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The Rocky Mountain Chronicle and The Durango Telegraph.

Todd lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his two daughters, Ella and Riley.



Todd Newcomer sketched the logo combining the Om symbol of Buddhism, which has many meanings but can signify compassion, and the Māori symbol matau, or hook, which was believed to bring “safe passage over water.” Whether whitewater kayaking or just navigating life, if we can all strive to provide safe passage for our friends, family and fellow global citizens than our time on this planet will have been a resounding success.

good peeps

Todd Newcomer likes to spread the word about good people doing good things. Here are the organizations he promotes and supports:

american whitewater association